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Spring in Texas is hard to beat! Bluebonnets and wildflowers, some of the most enjoyable weather of the entire year, and birds chirping everywhere. It's finally time to take back our outdoor spaces. Below is our list to getting the great outdoors back to being great: items to work on so you're spring ready!

1. Perennial Cutbacks-After the harsh winter weather, it's time to get perennials cutback and ready for spring time as well. How far it should be cutback depends on the variety of perennial. Smaller and non woody plants can typically be cutback all the way to the ground. For larger and woody plants, it is best to keep them 5-10".

2. Roses-Just like perennials, trimming roses will help them flourish this spring and throughout the whole

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This time of year there is a lot of pressure to make resolutions: eat healthy, go to the gym, try something new. Although this can be fun for some people, it tends to lead to lots of stress, wasted time, and ultimately disappointment.

Here at First Texas Brokerage, we're wanting to help make a new resolution...one that you will want to keep...one with your home!

So many people have numerous items around the house they always want to do, plan to do, and just fail to get it done. We're proposing that we make this January the time to do that. It's the perfect time to be productive around the house, get the "honey do" list done, and get ready for gorgeous Spring weather!

Here's what's at the top of our list:

1. Organization! After the hectic

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In todays office meeting, we decided to get to know the area by checking out one of Central Texas great parks for hiking just north of Salado.  Check out Chalk Ridge Falls - Miles of trails to blaze with one amazing water falls.  One of Central Texas's Best kept secrets.   Looking to move to Central Texas keep an eye on blog as we bring the best of Central Texas to this blog.

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