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Imagine you were given a gift box....

Your loved one gives you an unwrapped used brown box and says, "Open it." You probably stall for a moment before opening it, praying nothing is going to jump out at you. You might even respond with, "What is it?" as you very cautiously open it. 

Your loved one gives you a light blue box with a white bow and says, "Open it." You IMMEDIATELY smile because you KNOW it's a box from Tiffany & Co.!! Your excitement cannot be masked as you quickly open the box without hesitating!!

Which of those above boxes would you rather be given? (I didn't tell you what was inside.) Even if the exact same present was inside both boxes, one will have the emotional appearance of being more valuable.

What kind of first

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Ringing in the New Year also means sticking to your resolutions one day longer than last year. Here at First Texas Brokerage, we want to help you keep those resolutions and encourage you to keep on going. Please take a look at our list of ways to help you stick to your New Year's Resolutions.

Start Small

Make resolutions that you think you can keep. If you are trying to exercise more, start off going three days a week instead of seven. If you would like to eat healthier, instead of kicking dessert to the curb, have a cup of fruit or yogurt to curve that craving.


Ask for Support

Get an accountability partner, whether it be your spouse, best friend, or a coworker. Choose someone who will hold you accountable for your New Year's

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First Texas Brokerage loves seeing homes come to life. 3073 Rolling Meadow Drive has undergone a beautiful transformation. Take a look at the life cycle of this magnificent new construction home.

Located in the desirable Creeks of Salado subdivision, this custom home is a must see! Includes a spacious floor plan with designer finishes including custom concrete hardwood floors, granite and concrete countertops, double kitchen island, vaulted ceiling, access to covered patio, and spa quality bathroom. Finished out with custom stamped concrete circle drive/driveway and three car garage makes this property one of a kind.

We’ve had a blast watching this house come to life. Join in on the fun and check out the before and after shots above. It’s been a

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First Texas Brokerage would like to say kudos to Mod's Pizza in Temple!! Today our agent, Dottie Shirley and her husband went to enjoy Mod's Pizza for lunch. They placed their order, and each got a Mad Dog pizza, which looked terrific upon arrival! Promptly the waiter came to their table and said, "the manager is not pleased with the way the pizzas are cooked, and she is preparing another pizza for each of you to take home." Dottie and her husband had no issues with the pizza, but certainly appreciated the generosity and kindness of Mod Pizza. Needless to say, they ate every bite. Moral to this story, First Texas Brokerage Co. will be back and would like to thank Mod pizza for the excellent service. We hope to see you at Mods!

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With a roaring hot summer, First Texas Brokerage was able to beat the heat on Thursday night with this year's Summer Splash event at Lions Junction Water Park. Summer Splash has become a fun annual event designed to celebrate and give back to our amazing clients. We love being able to spend quality time with our family of clients, while also cooling off from the hot Texas heat! From dining on snow cones and cookies, splashing around in the water, and racing down slides, this event was a huge success. Our client Nicole said it best, "My kids had a blast and loved getting to eat snow cones. It was such a fun family night out, and we enjoyed it so much. Thank you, First Texas Brokerage! We love being a part of your family." We enjoyed seeing the

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Today, the kitchen has become the focal point of every home. The area in which we start the day, end the day and gather together for a delightful meal. The kitchen is a habitat in which all culinary creations come to life. Design and Dine with our list of trends and composition of ideas to spice up your kitchen!

Quartz Countertops- Many have heard that quartz countertops are now king. It is incredibly durable, low-maintenance and comes in a wide variety of style and colors. Plus quartz is heat and scratch resistant and is non-porous, so it doesn't need to be sealed.

 Multi-purpose Islands- Not only is an island perfect for that extra prep space; many islands are now featuring sinks, built-in spots for appliances and spare under the counter

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Here in Bell County, we like to celebrate Christmas a little early! First Texas Brokerage has partnered with Foster Love Bell County to present Christmas in July. Christmas in July is a fundraising project created by Foster Love Bell County which was founded in February 2016. They support foster families, caseworkers and nearly 600 children in the foster care system within Bell County.  

Christmas in July is a great way to get involved and serve the area. At First Texas Brokerage, we believe in supporting and giving back to the community. Foster Love Bell County is one of the many ways we like to serve, and we would love for you to join in on the fun!

How to donate to the cause: stop by the First Texas Brokerage office located at 80 S. Main

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Abraham Lincoln said it best through these simple words, " The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people." Owning a home provides a solid foundation where Americans can support their families, give back to the community, and achieve the American Dream. We are so blessed to be apart of this process for many families here in Central Texas! 

Independence day, also referred to as the Fourth of July, is a time of celebration and reflection. Bell County is known for celebrating the fourth in a big way. Take it from the locals, First Texas Brokerage Co. has you in the know all events that Bell County has to offer. We hope you're able to take advantage of the local festivities that bell County has to offer!

  • July 4th: Belton Parade at 10:00
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Spring in Texas is hard to beat! Bluebonnets and wildflowers, some of the most enjoyable weather of the entire year, and birds chirping everywhere. It's finally time to take back our outdoor spaces. Below is our list to getting the great outdoors back to being great: items to work on so you're spring ready!

1. Perennial Cutbacks-After the harsh winter weather, it's time to get perennials cutback and ready for spring time as well. How far it should be cutback depends on the variety of perennial. Smaller and non woody plants can typically be cutback all the way to the ground. For larger and woody plants, it is best to keep them 5-10".

2. Roses-Just like perennials, trimming roses will help them flourish this spring and throughout the whole

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This time of year there is a lot of pressure to make resolutions: eat healthy, go to the gym, try something new. Although this can be fun for some people, it tends to lead to lots of stress, wasted time, and ultimately disappointment.

Here at First Texas Brokerage, we're wanting to help make a new resolution...one that you will want to keep...one with your home!

So many people have numerous items around the house they always want to do, plan to do, and just fail to get it done. We're proposing that we make this January the time to do that. It's the perfect time to be productive around the house, get the "honey do" list done, and get ready for gorgeous Spring weather!

Here's what's at the top of our list:

1. Organization! After the hectic

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