Spring is here!

Posted by Tia Doskocil on Monday, April 16th, 2018 at 2:35pm.

Spring in Texas is hard to beat! Bluebonnets and wildflowers, some of the most enjoyable weather of the entire year, and birds chirping everywhere. It's finally time to take back our outdoor spaces. Below is our list to getting the great outdoors back to being great: items to work on so you're spring ready!

1. Perennial Cutbacks-After the harsh winter weather, it's time to get perennials cutback and ready for spring time as well. How far it should be cutback depends on the variety of perennial. Smaller and non woody plants can typically be cutback all the way to the ground. For larger and woody plants, it is best to keep them 5-10".

2. Roses-Just like perennials, trimming roses will help them flourish this spring and throughout the whole summer. Rose bushes can be lowered 6-10", but it does depends on existing height. If you have not completed the pruning in recent years, it might be ideal to lower them gradually. When you are pruning, be sure to remove any additional branches that are crossing or not apart of the main branches to help thin out. This will help prevent oversized and unruly bushes this summer.

3. Crape Myrtles-Only minimal pruning is required for Crape Myrtles. Removing the seed pods, crossing branches, and minimally thinning will allow these to look great for the rest of the season.

4. Mulch-Once all cutbacks and pruning is complete, this is a great time to add fresh mulch to all beds and tree rings. To help prevent weeds from popping up after the spring showers, you might want to consider adding landscape fabric for a weed barrier and granular pre-emergent prior to installing mulch in open areas of beds.

5. Turf Quality-Spring is a great time to spread pre-emergent to help prevent weeds from coming up throughout the growing season. While you're doing this, you can also add fertilizer to help with early season green up. Be sure to keep off of young trees, shrub, etc. Also make sure whatever you use is pet friendly, if you have animals that enjoy taking over the outdoor space as much as we do!

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